Free Shipping Worldwide!

Free Shipping!!!

Tees Me Plees Is now proud to announce free shipping world wide. We are aware that the shipping rates may be a key factor in deciding whether or not to buy from a particular online store. Some of our visitors and customers may feel that paying for shipping could affect their online shopping experience in a negative way.

And we feel your pain. When you are at any department store or shopping mall, and you see a sticker price, you know that dollar amount on the sticker is what you will pay, just add on the sales tax. Your receipt from the mall never has the word shipping anywhere on it. Of course, buying online means a carrier has to bring your purchases to your door. And we definitely do not want to negatively effect our customer's online shopping experience. We will absorb the shipping costs so our customers have the best online shopping experience possible. 

So with that being said, I am feeling like Oprah Winfrey right now, YOU GET FREE SHIPPING!!! 👈🏾 AND YOU GET FREE SHIPPING!!!👉🏾 AND YOU OVER SEAS, YOU GET FREE SHIPPING!!!☝🏾😁

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