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Louisville!!! #Louisville #L'sUp

Recently Forbes magazine  blogger/writer Ann Abel created a top 10 list of coolest cities in America. Excluding the marquee cities like Los Angeles, Miami, New York, etc. that  everyone knows about, her goal was to showcase the 10 coolest cities that may not be on your radar. Louisville is the "coolest" city to visit in the US according to Forbes magazine due to a number of reasons. On the map Louisville is the 17th largest city in the nation.  Louisville hosts the Kentucky Derby and all the parties surrounding it.  Louisville is now the bourbon capitol of the world (this is Tees Me Plees claim Lol) and the many distilleries bring many visitors from all over the country to taste test the many different flavors of bourbon.  The friendly folks and southern hospitality, the creative artful nature of the locals, the great soul food or fancy cuisine, and great music and entertainment both mainstream and underground all help make Louisville the coolest city in the nation most people may not know about.

Louisville is a sports town, a college sports town since there are no major pro teams in the Derby City.  And Louisville loves its University of Louisville Cardinals sports teams that are all doing well. We will exclude this years most recent 2017-18 basketball team, but the UofL basketball program has been the highest revenue generating basketball program in all of college sports for a number of years.  And if you follow pro sports you know  former Heisman Trophy Winner Lamar Jackson is going to the Baltimore Ravens, Jaire Alexander is going to Green Bay (both 1st round draft picks in the 2018 NFL Draft). And in the NBA, "Scary" Terry Rozier  (who is Drew Bledsoe??? 😂👌🏾) is killing it for the Celtics in this year's playoffs.  And Donavan "Spida" Mitchell is destroying the mighty Western Conference in the NBA  playoffs and should get NBA Rookie of the Year this season like a few other Louisville greats have done in the past, Wes Unseld and Darrell Griffith.

Jennifer Lawrence who has recently achieved the title of highest paid actress in the world in 2015 and 2016 is from Louisville.  Bryson Tiller (Don't), Static Major (Lollipop and Rock The Boat)  AND My Morning Jacket (The Waterfall and "Circutal") are a few mainstream artists/bands who have won Grammy Awards or been nominated as performers or writers that are homegrown Louisvillians.  Add those names to a slew of talented underground music artists and musicians, that help make Louisville a noteworthy place in entertainment. Besides all of the hoopla about the Derby and parties, the bourbon, and entertainers, Louisville is home to one of the greatest humans to ever live, Muhammad Ali.

Many of you have probably seen the motion picture blockbuster that was about his life, in which talented Actor Will Smith played Muhammad Ali in the movie titled "ALI". And The World's Greatest has stated more than once that Louisville is the "greatest city in the world" in his opinion.  Tees Me Plees agrees with the Champ! 😁😎☝🏾👑 #Louisville #L'sup

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